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BerserkChains™ Stainless Brand 2.0

BerserkChains™ Stainless Brand 2.0

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The new and improved BerserkChains™ Stainless Brand - a captivating fusion of luxurious stainless steel artistry and the brand of sacrifice.

For an added touch, each piece comes in a premium black pouch, enhancing both presentation and exclusivity.

Handcrafted with precision.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
They hooked me up

My first chain actually broke during a half court basketball game but they hooked me up with new one free of charge other than that it’s a pretty good chain not big enough to bother you not small enough for people to not notice it and it’s berserk it’s just sick asf

Aaron Vyncke

BerserkChains™ Stainless Brand 2.0

Marshall Keaton

Love the fact that it's minimalistic, not that big and the material is of a very high quality. Customer support was very helpful when I asked them for order updates. Would honestly highly recommend

Dan S.

Exactly as advertised, love how the stainless steel shines in the sun. Customer service was very responsive, which is always a good thing. Had no problems wearing it at the gym. Overall a 10/10 product


It's a bit smaller than than I thought, but it's nice.

Really glad you like it!

To Learn Everything About The BerserkChains™ Stainless Brand 2.0


Material: Stainless Steel

Sizing: 1.3cm*2.7cm(0.51*1.06 in)

What Is Included

1 x BerserkChains™ Stainless Brand 2.0